ZapraznyIn the small Carpathian village of Vinosady – the name tells it all – Juraj Zaprazny founded his winery in 1999, continuing the long family tradition of viniculture. The family owns 3,5ha of vineyards and produce approx. 100.000 bottles of excellent quality wines per year.

As a small vineyard, they use modern technology as well as classic storage techniques in wooden and barrique oak barrels.

Winning exhibitions on a regular basis – in Paris and Brussels – is proof of concept, e.g. for the gold-winning Chardonnay or Cabernet Sauvignon.

The cellar in the winery accommodates the wooden and oak barrels within 300-year-old brick walls. That not only lets the wine mature properly to a medal-winning level but also accommodates stylish wine tastings on a regular basis.

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Wines from the Zaprazny winery