Marvla Tindo

Marvla TINDO is a small winery, known for its very typical terroir “beneath the Volcano” – the hill of “Sitno”. The region is of volcanic origin, not active, but leaving a decisive footprint on the “terroir” and thus on the vineyards and grapes of Marvla TINDO.

The winery is of “dedicated origin” and also very exclusive in terms of quantity produced, not more than 8.000 to 10.000 bottles per year. Nevertheless, their products are within the top range of Slovakian wineries.

Both owners of the winery, Martin, and Vlado, not only craft the character of the wine but also their brand, (MARvla TINdo). They are committed to producing their wine in an organic way, selling them under the “bio approach” label.

All their wines are produced using traditional methods with a minimalistic contribution of additional substances thus making them very unique and an authentic “organic / bio” product to degust.

WINEFINITY is proud to have a truly “post-eruptive” terroir product in stock, enhancing our portfolio of organic/bio wines.


Wines from the winery Marvla Tindo