Rariga Sauvignon 2017

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White dry wine with protected designation of origin

  • Wine and Food: Cheese, Fish, Poultry

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Do you prefer wine with a spicy tint? If the answer is yes, you are going to make a good choice. The extractive and fresh Sauvignon from the Rariga winery is a white wine with a gentle odour of a gooseberry and peppermint, some people with a better-developed nose might smell a nice aroma of peaches in their glasses. The taste is literally inwrought with the nettle tones and delicate acacia feeling on the end. The full body has harmonious acids

How to get a maximum out of this wine?

Make sure to not leave it on the direct sun until it starts to boil, but keep it in a cold and dark place instead. The wine shall have enjoyable 10-12 °C. For those who have enough time and energy to cook we recommend to serve light dishes with white meat, river fish or just to a sheep cheese


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