Macik Tokay selection “4 puttonyos” 2006

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Wine with protected designation of origin, yellow, sweet

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The vintage 2006 of the Tokay selection 4 puttonys from the Macik winery is considered to be one of the best for the tokay wines of the last decades. The wine has a jantar-brown color with a rich, royal aroma of immutable Tokay wine “breadstuff”. The volcanic soil, maturing in the oak barrels hidden in the tuff wine cellar gave this wine a harmonious aroma and taste, reminding of walnuts, honey, ripen grapes, botrytis, dry tropical fruits with a fresh minerality

We recommend serving this wine at 9-11°C to the gingerbread covered with a hot belgian chocolate served with a vanilla creme fraiche, créme brulée

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