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The WINEFINITY project by Eshkol Wineries s.r.o. is a lifetime passion of three Slovakian and German wine enthusiasts who want to share the best wines from the wineries in the Small Carpathian region of Slovakia with the rest of the Europe.

Even before the French were thinking about producing wine, wine grapes have been cultivated in Slovakia. The first evidence of wine growing in the Slovakian region dates back to the 6th – 7th-century b. c. . The first wine producers in our region were most likely Celts cultivating wine on the hill forts of Calenderberg, located on the summits of Molpir (Smolenice). After the Romans arrived, the local skillsets in growing and producing wine got more sophisticated. Growing grapes and producing wine based on Roman and Celtic tradition continued after the Slavs arrived in the Carpathian region, well into our times.

For all sparkling wine lovers – did you know that the first production site for sparkling wines outside of France was built in Bratislava (Pressburg) 1825 By one of Napoleon’s soldiers, J. E. Hubert, returning injured from the Russian battlefield?

After 97% of European vineyards were destroyed by severe frosts, fungal diseases, and phylloxera in the early 20th century, Jewish culture built a significant footprint in Slovakian wine culture. In the 1930s Ferdinand Fussmann was one of the largest wine producers with over 5000 hectoliters/year of table wine in the region of Pannonia. Ferdinand Fussmann also managed to export a significant part of his production to Continental Europe and England, successfully withstanding all the turmoils in Europe before and during 2nd world war. Tragically his dream ended upon the end of the war and the terroir was waiting to be discovered again.

After the 2nd world war under communist rule, the wine production went through a period of massive collectivization, having a peak in the 50´s to 60´s with vineyards doubling their grape growing areal with a sole focus on quantity loosing the long built reputation of quality wines, exporting large quantities to the Soviet Union. It took until 1989 to reinvent the profession of winemaking in Slovakia, with new companies and estates producing excellent quality wines again. WINEFINITY has their quality products to offer.

In our WINEFINITY portfolio, we especially focus on the Malokarpatská wine region, which is located in the southwestern part of Slovakia. As already stated, the grapes here are grown for more than three thousand years on the southern, southwestern and south-eastern slopes and plains of the Lesser Carpathians and located near Záhorie.  The dominating terroir is predominantly a mineral one, formed by the of Lesser Carpathian rivers, soils are silty sands, medium skeletal, in the peripheral parts loess, eventually drifting sands. Vineyards are covering 5 588 hectares within 132 specific regions.

These wines are a product of total or partial fermentation of grapes or grape must originating in this region. Those grapes are known for their high sugar content which is a prerequisite for full-bodied wines, with intensive taste and a pleasant acidity. These wines are very suitable for longer cellar maturation.

A rich variety of grapes is grown in this region dominated by white grapes, mainly Veltlinske Zelene (Green Veltliner) accounting for 21% of the harvest, followed by Rizling (Riesling) with 15%, Müller Thurgau (12%), Pinot Blanc (8%), Frankovka modrá (Blaufränkischer) (6%).

“Forget Malbec – Alibernet” – Lesser known but provocative in taste and quality of origin is the Slovakian red grape Alibernet. This crossing of Alicante Bouchet and Cabernet Sauvignon attains excellent quality with dark colors, berry fruity and plum flavor. This is our house favorite not only as red but also as rosé, a hidden champion, well prepared to “reload” the success of the Malbec grape internationally.

Important to know is that all wine production in Slovakia is in accordance with European wine legislation. There are three general quality designations, wines without geographic indication, wine with protected geographic indication and wine with a protected indication of origin. We focus on the last two quality designations in our shop.

(Source: own research and http://www.winesofslovakia.com

As wine aficionados we love to discover new terroirs and regions and bring the best products to the market, this is what drives us to offer you the selected products presented in this online shop.

We stand for unique and excellent quality, terroir-driven wines made from well-known and yet rare grape varieties. With the wide and diverse selection of red, rosé, white, sweet and sparkling wines we offer a wide variety – targeting wine enthusiasts globally.

We want to make your WINE moments and memories lasting and even INFINITE – whilst

enjoying our “sold by WINEFINITY” products.